Their first John Hughes moment

More on Hughes. A line from the NPR piece by Linda Holmes which touches on one of my favorite aspects.

“Hughes specialized in these cross-clique friendships — everybody in The Breakfast Club, Jake and Farmer Ted in Sixteen Candles — and he wrote at least one in almost all of these observant high-school stories. They were part of his way of humanizing and sympathizing with everyone, not just the traditional outcast heroes.”

This is echoed slightly in the unlikely friendships of Wes Anderson films like between people of vastly different ages. Also seen in Hal Ashby’s Harold and Maude before Hughes.

Had this poster in my bedroom

I wanted to be Ferris, felt I was for a while, and in my great moments still am. But most of the time I’m Mr. Mom.



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2 responses to “Their first John Hughes moment

  1. The boys have already asked to see that scene again and again.

  2. Jess K.

    The rapt attention, the “Did you see?”s, the mirroring of dance moves – there is nothing about this video of the boys that isn’t spectacular. Thanks for sharing it.

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