How deep is your hammock?

How deep is your hammock?

Pablo looms large over Mama. Objects here are much smaller than they appear.

Camping on Lake Pepin this weekend helped find use for my Swiss Army knife. But then I thought the modern day Swiss Army knife should be equipped with a flash drive, mp3 player and camera. Or really, iPhone should have a Swiss Army app and that would solved the problem. Image a corkscrew jutting from your iPhone or even a blade. Did you know I’m 1/8th Swiss or something close to that? We don’t camp much, once a year usually satisfies our requirement, scratches that faint itch.
relaxed but on beer guard

A friend brought their new Shiba pup, Tucker. I want one.

Don't call me Bolt

Don't call me Bolt


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  1. Dig

    You remind me of Hunter Thompson in that hammock. But what is it you would fear and loath? 😉

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