Dancing on film

I’ve been lucky to catch a few good movies lately including (500) Days of Summer with these talented actors. A dance sequence set to Hall & Oates “You Make Me Dreams Come True” (and somehow including Han Solo) is one of the most joyous expressions of young love I’ve seen in a while. (Not on youtube yet. Go to a theater for once. Come on. Support the cinema.) I’m a sucker for a dance or musical number in a non-musical film. Why not? Here’s a couple more examples from an indie fave, Hal Hartley.

A few other movies (with no dance sequences) that I highly recommend this summer are Funny People and District 9.



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3 responses to “Dancing on film

  1. Alex D

    I just saw 500 Days of Summer earlier this week. I’m with you, Jefe, that was one of the best movies I’ve seen in awhile. I just hope it doesn’t develop a backlash in a year or so like Garden State (where it was cool to love it when it came out, then it became cool to hate it a year later).

    Also, the Hall & Oates dance is up on youtube now. My only gripe with it was that it was the only musical number in the movie, other than the karaoke. Why couldn’t they have just fully embraced the Bollywood aspects of it?

  2. I found the clip, but it doesn’t have the best part (Han Solo). I can’t post it without that.

  3. I posted a snapshot of my fave part from this film on Twitter. Having just rewatched it, I can confirm its standing on my year end faves. I really like seeing a film in the theater and then again on video. I’d like to make my fave movies list for 2009, but usually don’t see all the best till the video release. And Alex, I don’t think they needed another musical number, though maybe Autumn will warrant one.

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