Just when things started to get really interesting

Had a computer crash. Lost 10,000 songs, lots of photos, videos, etc. Oh well.

But now I think Doodles has hidden my camera. And just when they have been singing their new fave tunes: We Will Rock You, Bicycle, Twist and Shout and meowing along to the Imperial March and Star Wars theme in homage to a mini-Rader and to serenade our neighbor cat Jack. (This actually does get Jack to respond and come closer, very odd.)

But you can’t see or hear it…till I find my camera. Doodles!

And my new profane exclamation is: BOCCE BALLS! Been playing it lately with the kids, they like it and it’s good for city size yards and parks. We’re so Euro. Just wait till we pull up on the scooter and proceed to bocce it up.

Yes, I did lose a lot in the crash, but am already up to 2000 tunes. And they are all good as opposed to having the 10K on my hard drive which I skipped around on a lot.
I know if those songs were ever mine to begin with, I had to let them go. They’ll come back to me if they love me. Free free set them free, a sweaty singularly named man once sang.

Anyway, zen. Live in the moment. There is no future, no past. No day but today, right?

Going to hunker down with Adventureland on DVD tonight, very excited.


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One response to “Just when things started to get really interesting

  1. Dig

    Call it “petanque” and you’ll be fabulous French-Euros!

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