The last day of summer

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

The last day before Kindergarten. This is it.
Live it like the last day of summer. This is really happening. Pablo is on the path.
It all begins Thursday morning and continues for 13 plus years.

And it’s prom night. Kickball Prom. It’s dark already by 8pm here.
Gotta make it count. Kicking and dancing.

We always say how fast it goes, but really, this particular summer seemed to be really brief. Started late, was only hot in the middle, and cooled off quickly. We had a busy, really great one, but I am sad to see it go already. I’m regretting anytime not spent summering and instead doing indoorsy things. I should’ve blogged half as much and lived two times more. I don’t want it to end, yet I love Autumnal activities and Fall in general the best. Here’s hoping for a classic Indian (Native American?) Summer to take us out on a high note.

One last day. I dare you to live today, really live. Tell me what you did. Or tell me about your perfect summer day. One of mine had to be the State Fair followed by the Field Day kickball tourney. It was just jam packed with enough events to make a summer weekend, but all in one sunny day near the end of August. And I felt it that day. I’d been more aware in the last few weeks about being in the moment. Living in the now. Thinking about the task at hand and enjoying it for all I could. I think of playing with action figures in the grass with the boys and not about trying to get them set up so I could read or do something else, but about being one of the three boys with a Clone Trooper in hand.

Doodles has his pre-school open house to kick things off tomorrow morning. I have to sleep to be ready to live tomorrow. Good Night.


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One response to “The last day of summer

  1. Courtney

    Last friday I took off early from work and Miles, My sister and myself all went to the apple valley family aquatic center which is a kid friendly outdoor water park. It was awesome. We were probably only there an hour or so but it made my summer complete playing in the water with Miles.

    Keep up the good work. Glad Pablo’s first day of Kindergarden was great. Hope to see you all soon.

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