Kindergarten = awesome

After the first day of kindergarten, Pablo was kind of quiet. He was very hungry and not very talkative. He seemed a little shocked or possibly overwhelmed. We tried to ask him about it and he didn’t say much. A little later in the day he came to my office.

Pablo: Dad, remember that story about the boy who was afraid of kindergarten, but after the first day he said it was awesome?

Jefe: Yes, I do.

Pablo: It was awesome for me, too, Dad.

Retelling this to Mama was the closest I came to welling up with a tear or two today.

Smoke Jumper backpack


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One response to “Kindergarten = awesome

  1. Kelly

    That is sooo sweet, Jeff! I’m so glad that he liked his first day. I am going to be a teacher’s assistant in a kindergarten class for the first week of school here. I hope it’s a good experience for those kids as well. By the way, his school looks really cool. Is it new?

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