Pablo’s Blue Period

Pablo saw a segment about blues music on Noggin.

He now thinks all blues music is played by people in Blues Brothers attire. He is also fascinated by the harmonica. So much so that we had to play blues music on the drive to Nana and Papa’s yesterday. But it had to have harmonica.

I love a lot of music. But I’m not a fan of the blues. I’ve been on a Beatles kick lately.

Fired up for The Beatles Rock Band game. Now you may recall Pablo’s love of Twist and Shout by The Beatles because of our John Hughes tribute. So, I was playing old Beatles’ tunes with harmonica for him thinking this would suffice.

Pablo: No, Dad, I only like the blues.

Jefe: (I’m thinking you’re 5. You don’t know blues.)
Um, sure, okay. It’s hard to be a kid sometimes. We’ll get you a harmonica.

Pablo: And, um, I need a black hat and black coat and black sunglasses.

I did find the way to turn it slightly back to a more family friend route.

When they saw the start of this clip, they exclaimed:

Pablo: I can play Twist and Shout guitar!? Dad, you can sing! You do microphone.

Doodles: I’m drums!

Yeah, we’ll be rocking around 09/09/09. Check out what the NY Times had to say about the merging of generations in new technology. More than just a video game, perhaps?


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