Beachcombers & Bobcats

First kindergarten field trip was a convenient jaunt to the beach. The kids were in two groups, scooters and joggers. Pablo was a jogger, but we have since procured a scooter for him which he has taken to quite nicely.

The field trip was my first chance to volunteer at school. I’m also going to be reading in the classroom next month. It’ll be a good opportunity to experience Pablo’s day first hand as information is usually parceled out in brief missives at this point.

Jefe: How was school today?
Pablo: Awesome.
Jefe: What did you do?
Pablo: I don’t remember. I’m hungry.

As the day goes on, information trickles down to me. It’s been fun to share with other parents because only together can we really create the whole picture of the school experience. Here are some shots from Beachcomber’s Day. And then read on for Bobcats.

waiting for somebody

rules rules rules

Pablo digs Beachcombers Day


Pablo scooted to soccer. His team is the Bobcats in the all cat named league. Another bullet dodged as we could have been vegetables or something lame like that fruity tee-ball league.

Pablo was the only one without shin guards. D’OH! My bad? He seems fired up about the project though, which is a good start. Pee Wee Soccer at the YMCA a couple years ago was a lot of dandelion picking in the middle in the field. Still the snack and juice pouch at the end of the game seem a major draw for most of the 5 year-old-boys. It’s the 6-year-old soccer girls to watch out for as they have some serious skills.
first practice first


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