Homework is done. Whew. Kindergartens have a lot of homework these days which means Mama and I have a lot of homework, too. So, now we can play Wii.

Within a day or two of having The Beatles Rock Band for XBox 360, the machine crashes with the dreaded RROD issue. At least it hooked Pablo y Doodles on The Beatles music already in a short time. (We seriously only got to play for two hours total.) The summer of crashes continued. This was more costly than the temporary computer crash in which I lost over 10,000 tunes. In this case, I decided to not give Microsoft any more money. Running my Craigslist operations from a chess table near the lot at a local park, I sold off all the games and parts. The games and downloads on the Xbox were just collecting dust all summer anyway. We mainly used it for Netflix streaming of our Watch Instantly queue.

We’re sticking with just the Wii for a while. So we picked up Wii Sports Resort with the new Motion Controllers. Tons of fun. Think Sports (the great game which comes with the Wii) version 2.0. The kids are loving it, especially the Swordplay and the Skydiving, so far, but we have just scratched the surface. Even if I do upgrade again to an “adult” videogame system (PS3 has Blu-Ray, but not Netflix), I see nothing beats the Wii for kid/whole family fun.


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  1. Pablo says “PRESS A!” in this clip, not something else.

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