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October Mystery Mixtape

Boo. Happy Halloween.
Here it is: Mustache Robots October Mystery Mixtape. The top tunes representing what filled my ears, head and dare I say, heart, this autumnal month. I’ve included 4 spooky songs which creep me out as per my previous post. Thanks to all who submitted their scary songs on my Facebook status. Download and enjoy, but please give me feedback otherwise it’s a futile echo not bounced back from the cave wall. And if you’re prone to mix making, do share yours with me.

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re: Transformer sticker

“This one is my favorite. I’m going to rip it in half so it’s more awesomer.”

Ah, the wisdom of King Solomon.

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Want this shirt


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Songs that Scare You? Haunted Halloween Mixtape in progress

Off the top of my head, I can think of three songs I love which scare me and one which I don’t like because it scared me as a kid. I’m wondering what music chills you to the bone in a creepy way not because you hate it or it’s bad, but it really frightens you. Tell me. I hope to get at least a haunting hour together for a mixtape to share with you all before Halloween.

Sunset Drive by Husky Rescue
Stars by Warpaint
Firesuite by Doves

Carol of the Bells by Kenny Rogers, yes, the Christmas tune, scared me as a kid because it reminded me of the theme from Phantasm, a cult classic horror film well worth your time. Come to think of it, Lady by Kenny Rogers scared me too. It sounded like it had a giant moaning deep sea turtle at the depths of the ocean waiting to bite you. I can’t place it but sometimes my parents’ vinyl was quite misunderstood by me. Little did they know I felt like piddling my pants sometimes when they played Kenny Rogers.

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Falling off the blog

I wish I had one of those “here’s a pretty picture that inspires me” type of blogs then I wouldn’t feel guilty for not writing lately. I could just upload pics like this and let them speak thousands of words. But I don’t, really, but could I? I’ve been slacking here, sorry. Probably my worst run since I started it. Must admit, been busier with the Books & Bars blog and newly designed site. Also, I’ve felt kinda detached lately, just oddly disconnected from even my close friends. Been staying in more, less social, too.

As Poi Dog Pondering once sang:

But everybody’s trying to figure it out
I feel so detached today, I don’t konw
It’s not that simple, It’s not that simple
It’s all that we can do to try and work it on out.



But before the fall we had an early Winter. Oct 12th looked like this:


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Stop & Smell

“Life is what’s happening when you’re too busy to notice.”
-Wayne Muller



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