Falling off the blog

I wish I had one of those “here’s a pretty picture that inspires me” type of blogs then I wouldn’t feel guilty for not writing lately. I could just upload pics like this and let them speak thousands of words. But I don’t, really, but could I? I’ve been slacking here, sorry. Probably my worst run since I started it. Must admit, been busier with the Books & Bars blog and newly designed site. Also, I’ve felt kinda detached lately, just oddly disconnected from even my close friends. Been staying in more, less social, too.

As Poi Dog Pondering once sang:

But everybody’s trying to figure it out
I feel so detached today, I don’t konw
It’s not that simple, It’s not that simple
It’s all that we can do to try and work it on out.



But before the fall we had an early Winter. Oct 12th looked like this:



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