Short Attention Span Theater

If an event occurs in the woods, but no one tweets about it, did it really happen?

Multi-tasking? Always doing at least two things at once? I am. Are you? Watching a movie or a show, checking mail, texting, eating, reading, listening to music, playing with the kids at a park, concerts, etc. Where is my “be here now”? Where is the “living in the moment”? Or am I really living, by living two things at once? Am I already tweeting or blogging about something I haven’t finished doing? And why?

When am I not multi-tasking (other than private moments)?
The movie theater. If I’m in a movie theater and the movie is being projected, I am not doing anything else. But we all seem to see less and less in the theaters these days.

We are planning on taking the kids to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox and I really hope it is showing at the new Icon theater opening tomorrow in St. Louis Park.

Check out what’s going to be different here.

Can I disconnect? R asked me if I could spend a week away from e-mail, internet, etc. I said, if I wanted to, I could. If we were on vacation, I would. Is the ultimate irony that we are all so “connected” but actually more distant from each other? We think we are so in the loop, but it’s an artificial kind of bond. We’ve been raised by Wi-Fi and are part of the world wide web yet we don’t know that much about our neighbors. We know very little about very much. Hundreds of fracquaintances but few true close friends. Is it just me?

At least I don’t text while I am driving. Neither should you. I am exaggerating a bit about the multi-tasking, but when I recall my rally cry for a zen-like presence, I come up short. We could all use a reminder. What do you think?



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2 responses to “Short Attention Span Theater

  1. Full disclosure: I wrote this blog while watching something else in another window on the screen. And Doodles was talking to me about something, really loudly. Really, I just needed to get the Abba picture farther down on home page here.

  2. Wow, this was just posted today.
    Sounds like this is what I was trying to express.

    “Life online is a new take on the ‘If a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s there to hear it, does it make a sound?’ ” says Timoner. “Did I actually live it if I didn’t post it online? Did it actually happen? Does it matter, at all, if it wasn’t somehow recorded online? And more and more, the answer is `No.’ ”

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