We have seven kinds of tea in the cupboard. Is this a lot or not?
I just added two, Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cider, because they seemed so appropriate. So last week we only had 5. Currently I am enjoying a Tazo Organic Chai.

Brendan Benson has a song called Tea, track one on his first record.
“I’m drinking tea. If it’s good enough for me. It’s good enough for you. We could have tea for two. How do you do?”

I saw Benson at First Ave this week. At one point I realized I had reverted back to air guitar and jumping in the air. The album cover and album itself (one of my faves ever) sum up the show and my enthusiasm for it.

That was me on a Tuesday night at 11:30p during “You’re Quiet”. “Tiny Spark” was another highlight along with so many from his older records.

I’ve seen Brendan Benson in the Viper Room (Johnny Depp’s infamous club). I’ve even seen him at Nick Hornby readings. But most people only know him from The Raconteurs with Jack White.

The First Avenue was so sparsely attended I felt bad for BB. Why is he still so unknown? At least Adam, Andy, Steve, Pam and I had a great time.

Check out the albums One Mississippi and Lapalco. Maybe you’ll join us next time.


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