Great Expectations

Tonight, I preview Fantastic Mr. Fox (written by Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach based on the Roald Dahl book) and the new ICON theater in the SLP. You may know Roald Dahl and I have a history. I worked on the film Matilda as a production assistant and even appeared as an extra. Good times.

My next most anticipated film is also by Noah Baumbach. Looks and sounds…well, kinda perfect for me. March 12 is too long to wait.

And maybe the coffee is talking, but I’m super fired-up for this week.
Thanksgiving with the joint families, a wedding in MKE and a mini-high school reunion reunion. Perhaps a few days off from the kids is getting me typing quickly here, too. Milwaukee, a great place on a great lake: Here we come.



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4 responses to “Great Expectations

  1. greenberg does look entertaining. and fantastic mr fox was cursing amazing. and now i have to rewatch matilda.

  2. Katie

    Please comment on what you thought of the new SLP theatre. Also, have you been to Kings?

  3. Kings – yes, highly recommend if you are in Kingfield or East Harriet, especially. Like Cafe Maude without the live music, but more famous bartenders.

    Showplace ICON Theaters – if you want to pay $5 extra to drink in the theater, you can. Only 2 of the 10 (?) screens have balconies in which you can bring your wine, beer or Hot Toddies from the bar. I’d rather go to dinner elsewhere and buy the DVD if I’m paying $30 for two people to see a movie and just the privilege of drinking alcohol. But if the regular movie price gets you a reserved seat (pretty sure it does as all were numbered) and digital projection, that’s worth it. I’d go back.
    Matinees are $5 before noon ($10 to drink, might be fun to have a Bloody Mary at 11am, I guess), $7.50 during the day and $10 admission in the evening.

    But definitely take the kids to see Fantastic Mr. Fox or go without them.

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