Fantastic November Mix

November was a fantastic month for new and old tunes. In this month’s edition we are reminded of the power of cinema. If I hear a song in glorious digital THX sound in a movie theater during a good film it can elevate the song to a new level. Music and film work together in perfect harmony, side by side on piano keyboard. Oh Lord, why can’t we? Ebony/Ivory, PB/Chocolate, Beans/Franks: MUSIC/FILM.
Who’d-a-thunk-it that my fave fire-up tune of the month would be from 1965? “Let Her Dance” by the Bobby Fuller Four (“I Fought the Law”) blasted out during the end credit dance sequence of Fantastic Mr. Fox and I was blown away, not only because the soundsystem at Showplace Icon Theater in St. Louis Park was so righteously loud.
I also believe that any movie that ends with a dance sequence can’t be all bad. Rushmore was the only other Wes Anderson film to end on such a high happy note. Great movie, go even if you don’t have kids. Ours haven’t seen it yet as I went to an advance screening. Bad Dad. We’ll go again. Wes Anderson is my current fave, hasn’t made anything I haven’t loved.

I’ve been doing the signature whoo hoo click click whistle of Mr. Fox for weeks now. Doodles and I walked into our favorite indie bookseller, Magers & Quinn, and for no reason I did that whistle. I kid you not that everyone in the store stopped and look at us. So when Doodles saw this clip he said, “Hey Dad, he does that thing you do.” Gotta love that he now thinks Mr. Fox is mimicking me. (I’m certainly going to try to continue dress like Fox at Books & Bars. I promise not to repeat a sport coat on our double winter run.)

Another example of the power of Film/Music is the older song “All My Friends” was in heavy rotation because of the Greenberg trailer. Of course all the Glee stuff I like fits, too, but that is another post about the added power of reinterpreted covers, showtunes, Broadway, etc.

Download the Fantastic November Mix and please give me feedback. I’ve listed a potential song order in the picture, but do as you will.
I’ll let you dance.


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  1. Derek

    That Bobby Fuller song is great. I recently heard it for the first time on Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour. Thanks for the playlist.

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