Might as well laugh

My boys. So proud of them. Last time the first H1N1 flu shot really freaked them out. There were tears from Pablo. Today, there was laughter. I kid you not. They laughed when they were stuck with the long needle. It was really pretty awesome and amazing. It started with Doodles who wasn’t really bothered the first time around, so he had a fighting chance anyway. I was prepping them with how this will only hurt for a split second. It’s a prick and then nothing. Nothing but delicious gumball treats to pacify and placate you on the way home. Youcandoit! Doodles is up. He kinda nervously giggled while locking eyes with me as Mama held him on her lap. The laughing started when Doodles decided he wanted in his leg and dropped his camouflage pants revealed bright orange striped undies below his camouflage sweatshirt. Pablo said I can see your undies. We said perhaps he should either get camo unders or a bright orange hat or something to complete his soldier of flu-shot misfortune outfit. Anyway, prick, laughs. And then Pablo is up – he, of the previous shot freakouts – locks eyes.

He drops trou.
He gets set.
And nothing gets him down.
Shots up.
He’s got it tough.
He’s seen the toughest around.
Might as well laugh.

The nurse said she has never seen or heard a child laugh when getting a shot. Today she experienced it twice in a row from my boys.

49 gumballs later and we’re still laughing through our blue teeth.

This is all much better to read while listening to Glee’s version of Jump. I’ve had it on repeat while I pounded out this bad boy blog post. Now on to Books & Bars reminder work.

Laugh, jump, whatever it takes.



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3 responses to “Might as well laugh

  1. Karen Bajek

    You even had me giggling while reading this.

  2. Jess K.

    I am a HUGE fan of Doodle’s outfit choice. Camouflage and orange! Hooray!

  3. Pablo just informed me that Jump is his favorite song now. Probably the Glee version, but we also rock the O.G.V.H., too.

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