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Comments on new design theme?


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Good Enough Dad

What does it take to be a good enough dad?

Listen to the podcast I did with the Good Enough Moms:

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Where the Wild Things Read

I loved Little League, but I hated going door to door to sell fundraising candy bars. I see many of you use the interwebs to hawk your Girl Scout wares, so why not try this for my son?

Pablo is trying to raise money for his school, Burroughs, by attempting to read 20 minutes a day in February. Would you be interested in pldeging two cents a minute to this new reader’s (5 yr old) cause? If Pablo reads 20 minutes a day X 28 days, you’d be pledging $11.20 total. Or you could donate maybe a flat $5 or $10?

Last year Burroughs students read for 1.5 million minutes and raised $90K. This year they are going for 1.6 million minutes. The Principal always does a big stunt if they make their goal. This year he may be eating a Stone Soup concoction which may include leftovers from the cafeteria and kids’ plates.

Enjoy a clip from today’s “Where the Wild Things Read Burroughs Read-a-Thon 2010” pep rally. It may remind you of The Royal Tenenbaums.

Please let me know if you’d like to pledge. You wouldn’t want poor Pablo to have to go out in the cold and talk to strangers, would you?


Jefe (dictated but not read by Pablo)

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Cotton Candy, Apple Cider, or…?

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Sheltered Sons

Pablo, Doodles and I had a gym playdate with Lotaleesparkman and her children. Lotalee has a nose ring. Much mayhem ensued, including, but not limited to, Lifetime Fitness paging me to return to the child center.

After we said goodbye and were driving away in our car,

Doodles: Dad, what is the thing in the mom’s nose?

Jefe: Oh, you mean her nose ring?

Doodles: Yeah, she has one like Bebop! (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Thanks for the playdate and all apologies. He means it as a compliment.

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Change the equation

…along with catching up on the big films (oscar noms on groundhog day), i’ve also hibernated myself into the shows Breaking Bad and Battlestar Galactica. Last winter it was The Wire. I love a good series with a seriously strong arc you can ride through to completion. And when you wait long enough, you can enjoy quite a bit at once with little waiting. I’m a few episodes from the end of season 2 of Breaking Bad.

Weeds + The Wire + Dexter = Breaking Bad

And I am just getting going on BSG, but am fascinated already. I think sometime after that I will try Friday Night Lights. What else should I put in the queue?

Sure, I have to get the taxes done, renew my license at the DMV, find a bigger boat for B&B, read twice as many books, exercise, etc. But it’s comforting to have another episode of the story waiting for you to come back to.

Oh the hibernating we’re doing! SAD seems to be affecting all of us.

Doodles said:
Dad, I want it to be Winter only for three days and snow…
And then I want it to be summer again.
When is it going to be sunny?

When, indeed.

Are you suffering from SAD? Are you hibernating? Do you catch up on the great series on DVD/DVR/on-line?

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Have you heard of this movie?

the imax screen at southdale is not as big as the zoo or science museum one, but feature films don’t take up the full screen there anyway. my point, for $9 at southdale, a 3-d imax is awesome. And I bet the glasses are as big as the ones you may find elsewhere. look at these blu-blockers:

Avatar. I loved it. still working up what I want to say about it and what it does for the action movie moving forward. being immersed in it, bullets whizzing by you. like a FPS. like the virtual reality…or we are jake in an avatar with our big ass 3-d glasses and thrown into the action on the imax screen. very meta. and now the biggest movie of all time. can you imagine being the “king of the world” and having the #1 and #2 top grossing films of all time?

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