Concert Cal, probably maybes

Whoa, Dessa CD release show on Fri Jan 22 at Fine Line.
That is a highly anticipated record for me.

Love-cars on Jan 30 at Triple Rock
yes, and that one is for sure

these is a good bet:
Sondre Lerche at Varsity Theater on Feb 17 @8:00 PM

this might be a better bet:
The xx at Varsity Theater on Apr 9 @8:00 PM

Music is usually slower to get going again in the New Year. What I mean is it usually takes a while for a few new releases to spark it off. 2009 had a huge leakage of tunes in Spring. Here’s a clip from my first fave of 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

Los Campesinos!

I am such a fan for kinetic motion/energy in videos and film. Music set to running, cars going fast, speed, propelling, flying. I often imagine scenery rushing by as I listen. This lends itself to one of my fave places to listen: the car.


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