The Lost Art

Will album covers become a lost art? In some ways I think the album cover may actually get more attention now as the mp3s shuffle on your iPod. When you hear something you like and glance at the screen, maybe you’ll see a beautiful illustration by Adrian Tomine on this Luna compilation.

I felt I was losing the art of the album cover until I got an iPhone and started listening to much of my music through it, over the Remote program at home, in the car hooked up to the FM dial, and on headphones. I like the Luna album cover because it combines my love for comics like Optic Nerve with good music.

Going through my year end wrap up mix, I pulled a few of my fave album covers. (Only from what songs were in my final fifty.)

Wait, really stare at the Merriweather Post Pavilion cover in a bigger format. Whoa.

And then there’s what I think were the worst album covers of music I liked. Can you spot them? Yes, those last two. Don’t let them escape.

Maybe they were trying to be funny, and they are mildly amusing, but mostly just
I think as a rule you don’t want to be pictured on your cover anymore,
let alone holding your instrument,
you are a female pop country star.

How about yours?
Post your fave album covers of 2009 in the comments.
I’d love to see them pop up on my touch screen sometime.

If you need help finding some, check out this handy site: AlbumArt



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2 responses to “The Lost Art

  1. OK, so Neko is on her cover, but she makes it work as per usual for her album art. The rest of you artists, get off the cover and give me some art. Thanks.

  2. Katie

    The Merriweather IS awesome!

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