Kindergarten Crushes

All names have been changed to protect the passionate.

Pablo told me, apropos of nothing as most of our conversations begin, that
Xavier has a crush on Hannah.

“Oh”, I said, my glasses slipping down my nose and the newspaper lowered like a concerned, but mostly amused, sitcom father.

But, Pablo continued, “Xavier tries to kiss Madison.”

“And Dad, do you know what? Jake has a crush on Emily!”

Now this mildly interesting as both Mama and I had noticed the particular attentions young Emily had shown to our Pablo upon volunteering in the classroom. And perhaps, even more relevant as Jake is one of Pablo’s best friends.

“Pablo, do you have a crush on someone?”


“Oh, we thought Emily had a crush on you.”

“No! Jake has a crush on Emily!”

Pablo, the great friend, bros before hos, so to speak.

Kindergarten. Really? I didn’t think we would be hearing about this kind of stuff for a while. I thought girl germs were worse than swine flu at this age. Any other parents experiencing any of this chatter?


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