Have you heard of this movie?

the imax screen at southdale is not as big as the zoo or science museum one, but feature films don’t take up the full screen there anyway. my point, for $9 at southdale, a 3-d imax is awesome. And I bet the glasses are as big as the ones you may find elsewhere. look at these blu-blockers:

Avatar. I loved it. still working up what I want to say about it and what it does for the action movie moving forward. being immersed in it, bullets whizzing by you. like a FPS. like the virtual reality…or we are jake in an avatar with our big ass 3-d glasses and thrown into the action on the imax screen. very meta. and now the biggest movie of all time. can you imagine being the “king of the world” and having the #1 and #2 top grossing films of all time?


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