Mixtapes by requests only (in comments)

I see there were 30 downloads of the Mustache Robots Jan. Mystery Mixtape.
And… zero comments/feedback. 😦 Am I back to yelling into my dark cave?
To be fair, a few people did thank me and comment on my Facebook page.

Maybe I’ll try this. Might work better to get songs heard immediately and discussed.
or really talking/writing about music is like dancing about architecture and what’s there to say?
You like or you don’t. You listen and you react. An individual’s experience with music and other art forms is so subjective.
This is why I felt the burnout on music reviewing. But I do still love to share what I love. Here I go again.
Heard Six Different Ways by The Cure used in the film Starter for Ten. Had not heard it for years and it sounded so good. It reminded me some of my first “alternative” music was The Cure, R.E.M., and The Replacements. Do you remember? Is it new to you? What do you think?



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9 responses to “Mixtapes by requests only (in comments)

  1. noah gorz

    I just found out that the song from National Lampoon’s Vacation (I think) that goes “holiday roo-oh-oh-oh-ooh-ad” is Lindsay Buckingham. Is that true.

    Remind me to write a blog about first loving a Fleetwood Mac song as sung by Masters of the Hemisphere.


  2. Tyra B

    OK, I usually comment on FB, but happy to oblige here. This post reminds me of the entire “The Head on the Door” album and although this song is sweet, “Close to Me” is my Cure fav.

  3. Tyra, you get the next mix I make.

  4. Noah, you and Amber get a Housewarming Mix.

  5. Megan

    One for me, please! I have many cassette tapes that need using. I have a duel cassette tape player myself, and maybe should get back into the mix tap habit.

    The more random, the better. And if you can get any clips of your kids saying weird shit on there, big bonus.

  6. El Jefe

    Megan, mixtape is kind of a term here, but the current mixtapes avail on MR were actually digital downloads. Search monthly mix/mixtape/mystery and grab the ones still available.

    That said, I will gladly e-mail you a link to the next one. And as we previously discussed ELSEWHERE on the INTERNET (Google Buzz is catching on, people!)
    I would make an actual tape if you provided me with the blank. It would be old skool meets PlaySkool fun if I included the kids in some way.

    Thanks for commenting.

  7. Laura Jane

    i will provide a tape! i would love an old skool mix… i still have dozens in a box that i only last summer stopped listening to because i got a new car installed with a fancy “CD player”. and definitely include the kiddos — they’re hilarious!

    p.s. where do i find the january mix link?

    : )

    • By mixtape, I prefer to mean a link to DL a mix and then put on your devices or burn to disc. But I am already contractually obligated to make one, so when it is all hooked up, I guess I could make another…
      For now, here’s Jan’s mix:

      Search terms like: mix, mixtape, montly mix, music on this blog to find more DL links.

      By the way, March’s mix will be amazing. SO much great new has been filling my head and heart lately.

      She & Him Vol 2
      Besnard Lakes
      Peter Wolf Crier
      The White Stripes (live)
      Mumford & Sons
      Surfer Blood
      Dead Child Star
      Four Tet
      Adam Svec
      Crazy Heart sndtrk
      Belleruche (older one)
      Bird and the Bee

      how about you?

      How about these waiting to leak:
      The National – High Violet
      The Hold Steady
      Broken Social Scene
      The New Porographers

      Keep me in the loop if you get any of these early. Thanks.

      And if you ever want a current mix (just a link, not a tape!),
      just request in the comments on Mustache Robots.

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