I am an Avenger.

John Romita, Jr. (JR JR) is doing a new Avengers comic? Yes. Avengers assemble!
May 19th is Avengers Day.

JR JR’s take on Spider-Man was my all time favorite in the many years I’ve followed my top hero. This might be enough to get me back in a comic store, or at least scouring the library. This looks to be a heavy hitting crew with no weak links. Spidey, Cap, Iron Man, Thor and Wolverine. Whoa. Wait, more, Hawkeye and Spider-Woman, too.

I like this ad campaign for the new title. Pretty cool copy. I don’t know when this trend started but many marketing campaigns seem to feature characters with a line of dialogue to get us familiar (Tarantino, Lost, Watchmen film, many others help me think of them.) with them ahead of time. I still like it when it’s done well. We usually see this tactic for movies, but to see it for a comic is a nice touch.

In related news,
I’m also currently trying to pick a graphic novel for Books & Bars.
It doesn’t have to be guys in capes and tights. In fact, I’d prefer it not to be a hero book, but some kind of adult story. I love the work of Adrian Tomine, Craig Thompson, and Daniel Clowes among others.

Any suggestions? Thanks for your comments.



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2 responses to “I am an Avenger.

  1. Thanks for the read. It’s always a pleasure to hear someone talking passionately about comics. The industry can make it hard to feel that way at times.

    Oh, and any time anyone asks me for a graphic novel recommendation, I always try pimping the ‘Preacher’ series [Garth Ennis]. If you want a one-book read, though, I’d suggest ‘Midnight Nation’ [JM Straczynski].

    All the best,
    – Stevie –

  2. Loved Preacher, one of the all time great series.
    And JM Straczynski is the other half of what made the JR JR Spider-man series my fave. I was remiss in not mentioning his awesome writing. I read Midnight Nation a while ago, but didn’t really give it a fair shake.

    Thanks for the comment. Are you working on a comic now, Stevie?

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