Spring Break Staycation Experiment

Day #1 with 7 more weekdays with no school for either boy to come.

Pablo: Dad, can we go to San Diego?

Jefe: Sorry, buddy, not now.

Pablo: How about Arizona?

Jefe: Mama has to work. We can’t go anywhere that far without a little more planning.

When you are staying in town and school is out for Spring Break, things can get tougher. You have a lot more time to fill and the kids’ energy levels have not brought down to normal from a half day of school. Apparently many of Pablo’s friends are going somewhere warm this week. We are not, though it is supposed to be in the 60s here in a few days.

Day #1 Itinerary
Matinee of How to Train Your Dragon 3D (very good, see it)
Played at an indoor train playset in the lobby
Library – stocked up on supplies for the week
Dress up like ninjas, soldiers, football players
Outdoor “football”

Stay tuned and see how we survive. Anyone else in this predicament?



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2 responses to “Spring Break Staycation Experiment

  1. Katie

    Mike is in the same predicament this week. I am working all week, but will try to do some special activities with the crew in my non-work hours. Did Doodles handle the movie alright? I’m wondering if it would be okay for B (he is very sensitive, especially to loud noises (like the part in Cars when McQueen falls out of the back of Mac “fast-forward the scary part!”)

    Mike and I are interested in going to see Greenberg too.

  2. noah gorz

    my spring break went by without me noticing. My big plan was to read a book about physicists, a read so dry it would make the Mojave look like Seattle. The worst part was the isolation, as everyone else was busy with their usual work-lives. Don’t make the mistake about complaining during your spring break because everyone will make you feel bad for not being grateful for getting an entire free week off.

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