Knights of the B.S.

Chronicling the exploits of El Jefe and the Knights of the Bright Side

The not-so-secret diary of a work-at-home dad

Your players:

El Jefe – husband, father, entertainer, writer, moderator, DJ, filmmaker, improviser, good (enough) sport, cruise director, traveler, Cylon?

Pablo – The Play Dictator, almost 6 years old, Kindergartner, loves soldiers and baseball. American as apple pie except he actually prefers Germans and Russians.

Doodles – The original Bright Side Knight, a fresh n’ fiesty almost 4 yr old, pre-schooler. Loves a lightsaber by his side, a disguise, and has a dexterity of 18.

Mama – work-out-of-the-home professional, future Yoga master, wine enthusiast, but not a cigar aficionado.

*Robots pronounced robox by Pablo.

Enjoy our misadventures? Leave a comment, please.

See also:

Mustache Robots – Copyright © Jeff Kamin. All rights reserved.

robox images courtesy
Roxie Speth

4 responses to “Knights of the B.S.

  1. Katie

    Will you share the meaning of Bright Side Knight? K.F.

    • Yes, there are already clues here as to why they have that moniker, but a more detailed post will soon flesh it out entirely. Thanks for reading and your comments.

  2. rademacherportraits


    My name is Katrina and I am in promotions with Sesame Street Live! Our show is coming to Target Center January 13 – 17, and we are reaching out to local blogs to see if you have an interest in posting a discount to the show or offering tickets for a giveaway.

    If you are interested in working together, please let me know.

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