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Spring Break Staycation Experiment

Day #1 with 7 more weekdays with no school for either boy to come.

Pablo: Dad, can we go to San Diego?

Jefe: Sorry, buddy, not now.

Pablo: How about Arizona?

Jefe: Mama has to work. We can’t go anywhere that far without a little more planning.

When you are staying in town and school is out for Spring Break, things can get tougher. You have a lot more time to fill and the kids’ energy levels have not brought down to normal from a half day of school. Apparently many of Pablo’s friends are going somewhere warm this week. We are not, though it is supposed to be in the 60s here in a few days.

Day #1 Itinerary
Matinee of How to Train Your Dragon 3D (very good, see it)
Played at an indoor train playset in the lobby
Library – stocked up on supplies for the week
Dress up like ninjas, soldiers, football players
Outdoor “football”

Stay tuned and see how we survive. Anyone else in this predicament?



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The Meltdown

Doodles and I tried one last sledding run this weekend. We made it half way down the hill and just stopped. Winter’s finally seeming to leave. And are we going to get misty eyed and miss it? Probably not, no. Yet, I always have to remember this feeling when it’s a humid 90 in August. You know SAD? I tend to have GIGSS – Grass Is Greener Seasonal Syndrome.

Actually the only season which seems too long here is Winter. Autumn, Spring, Summer, all seem to fly by briefly. It’s really only Jan/Feb/Mar which tend to drag on in memory. That said, we’re about to Spring ahead.

Embrace Winter one last time if you can. Go skiing up north. Do whatever you said you would this season, if you still can. If not, it’s okay, it’ll be here again before you know it.

Sure, now I’ve probably jinxed it. Like Prince sang, sometimes it snows in April.

What about you? Do you get SAD or GIGSS?

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cool, cooler.

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March Madness Begins

Slow this video down & freeze frame it for real scientific explosive action! Fun for the whole family!

Kids love old Arnold lines! The pen is mightier than…no.
Sorry. Have a blast this weekend.

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A Hard Day’s Knight for Batman

DJ Doodles. He stands up at the kid entertainment center and changes CDs as he sees fit, gauging the mood of his father and brother, setting the tone for the playdates. His identity is not known to most of the kids at the ravedates as he tends to wear a ski-mask or other costume disguise. Rumor has it he is not even 4 years old until tomorrow. DJ Doodles’ fave song of late has been A Hard Day’s Night. I am guessing he thinks it’s about a knight who had a long day fighting dragons. Both Pablo y Doodles like a lot of Beatles tunes, so together we made a compilation representing their favorites. It might surprise you, but here are the 30 songs that fit on our Boys Best Beatles disc.

A Hard Day’s Night
She Loves You
Penny Lane
Can’t Buy Me Love
Paperback Writer
I Saw Her Standing There
I Am The Walrus
With A Little Help From My Friends
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Ticket To Ride
Here Comes The Sun
All You Need Is Love
Twist and Shout
We Can Work It Out
And Your Bird Can Sing
Back in the U.S.S.R.
Day Tripper
Drive My Car
Good Day Sunshine
Glass Onion
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Yellow Submarine
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Her Majesty
The End

What about you and yours? What are your kids listening to these days?
You want to trade mixtapes or attend the next ravedate? The locations are usually only disclosed hours before they go down.


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The Inexplicably Named Rollercoaster

Doodles is in the first car with an employee chaperone. He looks so bored by the big drop after begging to sit in front. See how he is staring right into the camera on this, his second rollercoaster ride. Pablo y Jefe are behind him. Why is a Pepsi sponsored ride called the Orange Streak? Did Crush or Fanta originally have the rights? We had fun on our first visit to the revamped park at MOA. You could spend a winter day in a worse way. Really you could.

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Where the Wild Things Read

I loved Little League, but I hated going door to door to sell fundraising candy bars. I see many of you use the interwebs to hawk your Girl Scout wares, so why not try this for my son?

Pablo is trying to raise money for his school, Burroughs, by attempting to read 20 minutes a day in February. Would you be interested in pldeging two cents a minute to this new reader’s (5 yr old) cause? If Pablo reads 20 minutes a day X 28 days, you’d be pledging $11.20 total. Or you could donate maybe a flat $5 or $10?

Last year Burroughs students read for 1.5 million minutes and raised $90K. This year they are going for 1.6 million minutes. The Principal always does a big stunt if they make their goal. This year he may be eating a Stone Soup concoction which may include leftovers from the cafeteria and kids’ plates.

Enjoy a clip from today’s “Where the Wild Things Read Burroughs Read-a-Thon 2010” pep rally. It may remind you of The Royal Tenenbaums.

Please let me know if you’d like to pledge. You wouldn’t want poor Pablo to have to go out in the cold and talk to strangers, would you?


Jefe (dictated but not read by Pablo)

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