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Social Beast

Do you find it difficult to coordinate and run your family household schedule?
Are you overbooked? Mama has work, yoga training, girls’ night out/breakfast. Jefe has dodgeball, kickball, Books & Bars, music, movies, a voracious social appetite after being with the kids all day. Pablo has school, after school Spanish, choir, swim lessons, soccer and homework. Doodles has pre-school, playdates, swim lessons and his Youtube addiction. How do we fit it all in?

Schedule it on the Google Calendar. Request a date. Request night out with the guys, etc. Mama and I have to determine whether each event is for the whole family, for the two of us, for one of us, for the boys, for one boy. Then we decide which ones require a sitter and have to factor their availability into the equation. Which is why my standard response to most event invites starts at “maybe”. Have you noticed that Facebook has become a sort of glorified events calendar? It seems many of the options begin here.

Are you a social beast who craves company? Or do you recharge from downtime and quiet reflection/solitude? This is where Mama and I differ a bit.

It’s not easy but it works for usually works for us. It takes a village to raise the children and a powerful computer network to keep us all on track. We access our calendars on-line and on iPhone and keep a paper copy on the refrigerator.
At times I want to add “Be Spontaneous” as an event. This schedule allows me my precious 6 hours a week to myself during the week. But during this time I must also grocery shop, do other household things and try to work on writing and Books & Bars.

Perhaps we are overbooked at times. We seem to be doing okay socially for parents. Living in the city helps. Having family in town to babysit is key. Keeping our outside passions and interests alive helps with our general well being. Tonight is a date night involving dinner and a play, August: Osage County.

How do you manage your time or the family time? Are you feeding your social beast?



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Oscar Tribute to John Hughes

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Parent Involvement Day

Voice of Culture Drum and Dance of the Diaspora performed for Pablo’s school on Parent Involvement Day. They got everyone moving with djembe drumming, traditional West African dance and singing.

Before you watch this video remember Pablo needs sponsors for his read-a-thon. Won’t you consider donating a few dollars to a quality public school that brings in performances like these? Please let me know if Pablo can count on you for at least 5 bucks. Thanks.

Mama, Doodles, and I also visited Pablo’s classroom and helped make “Guess How Much I Love You” art work based on the story book. Doodles fits right in and acts like one of the class.

Off to shovel again. More videos later.

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Change the equation

…along with catching up on the big films (oscar noms on groundhog day), i’ve also hibernated myself into the shows Breaking Bad and Battlestar Galactica. Last winter it was The Wire. I love a good series with a seriously strong arc you can ride through to completion. And when you wait long enough, you can enjoy quite a bit at once with little waiting. I’m a few episodes from the end of season 2 of Breaking Bad.

Weeds + The Wire + Dexter = Breaking Bad

And I am just getting going on BSG, but am fascinated already. I think sometime after that I will try Friday Night Lights. What else should I put in the queue?

Sure, I have to get the taxes done, renew my license at the DMV, find a bigger boat for B&B, read twice as many books, exercise, etc. But it’s comforting to have another episode of the story waiting for you to come back to.

Oh the hibernating we’re doing! SAD seems to be affecting all of us.

Doodles said:
Dad, I want it to be Winter only for three days and snow…
And then I want it to be summer again.
When is it going to be sunny?

When, indeed.

Are you suffering from SAD? Are you hibernating? Do you catch up on the great series on DVD/DVR/on-line?

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“Living Life Out Loud”

That’s the tagline for WFMP FM107.1. Yes, it’s pretty much for the ladies. To give you an idea of what it’s like in the studio, this is what I have the pleasure (intimidation/challenge?) of sitting in front of when on-air:
"The Man Wall"

So, I’m the rare man working there (but one of the female DJs is named Kevyn). I’ve been co-hosting the show Good Enough Moms with Erin Erickson on Sundays from 1-2pm. This week we’ll feature children’s author, Nancy Carlson. Listen in and call with any questions for her. We’ll also be talking with a teacher, Laura Risdall, (Yes, Pablo’s kindergarten teacher) about how to properly read to children.

Erin Erickson of Good Enough Moms


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The new blue blood/The great white hope

The National

The National live at First Ave on July 16, 2009

Great show. Perhaps inspired by our success at playing it young and unjaded at Phoenix, we stood near the front again. But like Doves, this was another example of having to not dwell on what they didn’t play and just be happy with the excellent performance. The addition of trumpet and trombone on most of the songs was an added treat. Baby, We’ll Be Fine was especially enhanced by a strong horn induced finale. Highlights included Secret Meeting, All the Wine, Squalor Victoria, and Apartment Story among others.

Lead singer, Matt Berninger, singing from the steps and crowd on Mr. November was positively electric. And scary, but he didn’t pull a Ryan Adams and almost fall off something. Like Adams he did engage the fans and even offer the rest of his mostly drunk bottle of white wine to the super-fan screaming and hopping front and center.

Mr. November, Matt Berninger, on the steps at First Ave

People used to hold up lighters, now they hold up iPhones. After the show a friend tweeted a prediction they could headline Rock the Garden next year.
Hey Current – this is a great idea.

He won't f'us over...He's Mr. November.

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Morgan and I were talking about this one time. Most of the kids shows we see have crap music. And Morgan watches a lot of kids’ shows apparently, too. Remember the Looney Tunes use of classical music? That was like…classic. But this is a theme song I can get behind. The lyrics are powerful:

They go to bed just to wake up early
To get in trouble or on the brink
The line between wild and crazy gets blurry…
Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks!

This show is so Irish. It’s wailing to be played in bars on St. Pat’s whilst draining a Guinness.

Who wants to help remake this for adults? This song rocks. Maybe it needs no remake. Listen and let me know what you think.


Ok, if you think I’m sounding a bit too Dadly here, go listen to ten other current theme songs. You’ll come back to this one.

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