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The National – Terrible Love and Bloodbuzz Ohio

Free download of Bloodbuzz Ohio here:


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The one time I’m alone and who do I run into?

DJ Lance Rock!

What’re the odds? I only have six hours total during weekdays without the kids.
Daddy needs a new pair shoes. So I go to the mall and…


is performing live. One of the only kids’ shows I like more than my kids do.

Anyone going to the show here on the 13th? Yo Gabba and crew are here early, wonder if they are sticking around the whole time? Interesting.


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March Madness Begins

Slow this video down & freeze frame it for real scientific explosive action! Fun for the whole family!

Kids love old Arnold lines! The pen is mightier than…no.
Sorry. Have a blast this weekend.

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A Hard Day’s Knight for Batman

DJ Doodles. He stands up at the kid entertainment center and changes CDs as he sees fit, gauging the mood of his father and brother, setting the tone for the playdates. His identity is not known to most of the kids at the ravedates as he tends to wear a ski-mask or other costume disguise. Rumor has it he is not even 4 years old until tomorrow. DJ Doodles’ fave song of late has been A Hard Day’s Night. I am guessing he thinks it’s about a knight who had a long day fighting dragons. Both Pablo y Doodles like a lot of Beatles tunes, so together we made a compilation representing their favorites. It might surprise you, but here are the 30 songs that fit on our Boys Best Beatles disc.

A Hard Day’s Night
She Loves You
Penny Lane
Can’t Buy Me Love
Paperback Writer
I Saw Her Standing There
I Am The Walrus
With A Little Help From My Friends
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Ticket To Ride
Here Comes The Sun
All You Need Is Love
Twist and Shout
We Can Work It Out
And Your Bird Can Sing
Back in the U.S.S.R.
Day Tripper
Drive My Car
Good Day Sunshine
Glass Onion
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Yellow Submarine
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Her Majesty
The End

What about you and yours? What are your kids listening to these days?
You want to trade mixtapes or attend the next ravedate? The locations are usually only disclosed hours before they go down.


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Sliding: The Further Adventures of Embracing Winter

We embraced winter again. This time it is actually sliding and not sledding at Lyndale Farmstead Park. Enjoy this video (note: different than my previous Facebook clip)
set to a fresh new tune you’ll hear on Feb’s mixtape:

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Doodles at the Movies

Doodles explains The Sandlot to Grandma Moe. And also who Babe Ruth is.


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Embracing Winter

Winter. I hate it. Most of the time I hate Winter in Minnesota from Jan 1 –> start of April. Except for the times I embrace it.
Embracing Winter is difficult to do when it’s wind chillin’ below zero. But when you get “used” to zero, 25 seems balmy enough to embrace. Embracing Winter involves forcing yourself out of hibernation to do the things you can really only do in Winter. It’s about doing things like skating, sledding, skiing, snowball fighting, snowman making, snowfort building, snow-shoeing, and even the dreaded shoveling.

One of the more interesting and unusual Embracing Winter activities we’ve found here is the Art Shanty Projects on Medicine Lake. Picture the ice-fishing shacks you see dotting the lake filled with modern art of a sort. Actually many of the shanties had a very improvisational theater vibe as the artists acted out their parts for the visitors. One of the coolest ideas was there was the Art Swap Shanty in which you could bring any piece of “art” and trade for another on display. Check out the highlight reel below featuring a visit with The Gundersons (spies or not, you decide) and the Dance Shanty among others.

Next year we may even go if it’s only 20 degrees outside instead of 25.
It was almost like a Staycation.


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