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Parent Involvement Day

Voice of Culture Drum and Dance of the Diaspora performed for Pablo’s school on Parent Involvement Day. They got everyone moving with djembe drumming, traditional West African dance and singing.

Before you watch this video remember Pablo needs sponsors for his read-a-thon. Won’t you consider donating a few dollars to a quality public school that brings in performances like these? Please let me know if Pablo can count on you for at least 5 bucks. Thanks.

Mama, Doodles, and I also visited Pablo’s classroom and helped make “Guess How Much I Love You” art work based on the story book. Doodles fits right in and acts like one of the class.

Off to shovel again. More videos later.

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Where the Wild Things Read

I loved Little League, but I hated going door to door to sell fundraising candy bars. I see many of you use the interwebs to hawk your Girl Scout wares, so why not try this for my son?

Pablo is trying to raise money for his school, Burroughs, by attempting to read 20 minutes a day in February. Would you be interested in pldeging two cents a minute to this new reader’s (5 yr old) cause? If Pablo reads 20 minutes a day X 28 days, you’d be pledging $11.20 total. Or you could donate maybe a flat $5 or $10?

Last year Burroughs students read for 1.5 million minutes and raised $90K. This year they are going for 1.6 million minutes. The Principal always does a big stunt if they make their goal. This year he may be eating a Stone Soup concoction which may include leftovers from the cafeteria and kids’ plates.

Enjoy a clip from today’s “Where the Wild Things Read Burroughs Read-a-Thon 2010” pep rally. It may remind you of The Royal Tenenbaums.

Please let me know if you’d like to pledge. You wouldn’t want poor Pablo to have to go out in the cold and talk to strangers, would you?


Jefe (dictated but not read by Pablo)

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