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Greatest Sports Logo Ever

love the glove

love the glove

Look at the perfect design of the M(ilwaukee) B(rewers) glove.
Brewers are the best. Twins are #2 for teams, but not logos. Sadly the Brewers no longer use this classic design, but they did when they were rocking their serious ‘staches in ’82. Yeah it was 1982, but Rollie Fingers looked like he was from 1882 and might tie you to the train tracks.

And then the Cubs take 3rd for baseball love but not when they are anywhere near Brewers. I love a good underdog whether its an unknown or unsold band, author, indie film, etc. A losing sports franchise seems a natural for me.

Growing up in MKE the Kamin side of the family were Brewer fans. Conradt side were for the Cubs as they lived close enough to Chicago (Kenosha) and could get WGN reception with their TV antenna. We are now in Twin-town, where Mama grew up, so there you go. Twins have been solid for many seasons, whereas the Brewers are only recently hot again. And it only took about a quarter century.

Brewers are up here Memorial Day weekend and we’ll be at the Friday night game.
Play ball.

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