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The Meltdown

Doodles and I tried one last sledding run this weekend. We made it half way down the hill and just stopped. Winter’s finally seeming to leave. And are we going to get misty eyed and miss it? Probably not, no. Yet, I always have to remember this feeling when it’s a humid 90 in August. You know SAD? I tend to have GIGSS – Grass Is Greener Seasonal Syndrome.

Actually the only season which seems too long here is Winter. Autumn, Spring, Summer, all seem to fly by briefly. It’s really only Jan/Feb/Mar which tend to drag on in memory. That said, we’re about to Spring ahead.

Embrace Winter one last time if you can. Go skiing up north. Do whatever you said you would this season, if you still can. If not, it’s okay, it’ll be here again before you know it.

Sure, now I’ve probably jinxed it. Like Prince sang, sometimes it snows in April.

What about you? Do you get SAD or GIGSS?

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Sliding: The Further Adventures of Embracing Winter

We embraced winter again. This time it is actually sliding and not sledding at Lyndale Farmstead Park. Enjoy this video (note: different than my previous Facebook clip)
set to a fresh new tune you’ll hear on Feb’s mixtape:

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Embracing Winter

Winter. I hate it. Most of the time I hate Winter in Minnesota from Jan 1 –> start of April. Except for the times I embrace it.
Embracing Winter is difficult to do when it’s wind chillin’ below zero. But when you get “used” to zero, 25 seems balmy enough to embrace. Embracing Winter involves forcing yourself out of hibernation to do the things you can really only do in Winter. It’s about doing things like skating, sledding, skiing, snowball fighting, snowman making, snowfort building, snow-shoeing, and even the dreaded shoveling.

One of the more interesting and unusual Embracing Winter activities we’ve found here is the Art Shanty Projects on Medicine Lake. Picture the ice-fishing shacks you see dotting the lake filled with modern art of a sort. Actually many of the shanties had a very improvisational theater vibe as the artists acted out their parts for the visitors. One of the coolest ideas was there was the Art Swap Shanty in which you could bring any piece of “art” and trade for another on display. Check out the highlight reel below featuring a visit with The Gundersons (spies or not, you decide) and the Dance Shanty among others.

Next year we may even go if it’s only 20 degrees outside instead of 25.
It was almost like a Staycation.


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