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Groundhog Day —> 2/3

Why is Groundhog Day one of the best movies?

A. written/directed by Harold Ramis
B. it stars Bill Murray
C. and his goal is to get to the day February 3rd, my birthday.

How can I not love a movie in which Bill Murray does whatever it takes to get to 2/3?
Even with Andie MacDowell (Hudson Hawk, Muppets from Space), it’s still a classic romantic comedy.


Here’s another scene. Bonus trivia: Mama used to be the personal trainer for the actress playing the piano teacher.

If you see only one movie today, make it the #34 movie on AFI’s Top 100 Comedies List.

As for the real Groundhog Day – Here are some “facts” or is this case maybe factoid (loate the word) is more apropos (from Wiki page):

Groundhog Day proponents state that the rodents’ forecasts are accurate 75% to 90%. A Canadian study for 13 cities in the past 30 to 40 years puts success rate level at 37%. Also, the National Climatic Data Center reportedly has stated that the overall predictions accuracy rate is around 39%.

WKBW-TV meteorologist Mike Randall put it a different way: since there are always six more weeks of winter after Groundhog Day, and the concept of early spring in the astronomical sense simply does not exist, then whenever the groundhog sees its shadow and predicts six more weeks of winter, the groundhog is always right, but whenever it predicts an early spring, it is always wrong. The results have an approximate 80% rate of accuracy, the average percentage of times a groundhog sees its shadow.

And Happy Birthday to Amber of My Delicate Slip of Sunshine (on my blogroll). She just couldn’t wait to be born and had to share her day with a big weasel.

But whatever happens today, know that tomorrow will be better. At least I’ll be supposedly wiser.



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Film Review: Neither Trekkie or Trekker

Hi, we're Spock and Kirk: Generation Y

Hi, we're Spock and Kirk: Generation Y

Saw an advance screening of the new Star Trek movie by Lost creator, J.J. Abrams. I never cared a bit about the series or movies, though I do recall liking Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. This made me the target market (finally feeling targeted again)
as the studio tries to revamp the series for a new audience. “This is Star Trek designed for people who don’t actually like Star Trek, ” some anal Trekkies have been heard to grumble. Fine, so that makes this one good, funny, action packed (sky-diving: best), and with a likable cast. I recommend it and predict it’ll do well.

Time travel is a major component of the story just like in Lost. It makes me wonder if there are clues to where Lost may end up based on how Abrams dealt with changing time here. There were many of the old time travel rules broken, which was very interesting and unique.

Spock seemed to be the main character/most developed, but Kirk was fleshed out, too. Simon Pegg as Scottie was a good turn and Bones was really likable aping the lines from the old days that anyone could recognize.

Overall grade: B+

I hope Wolverine is good. We’ll see.


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3-D v. Fart jokes

Doodles first movie theater experience was Monsters Vs. Aliens 3-D. Good action, fun effects and Ginormica rules. Overall if not in 3-D probably not that great for adults. Doesn’t have quite the gravitas or comedy of many Pixar classics. But a fun family matinee if Coraline is too scary for yours, too. Doodles fave was “Dr. Cock-a-roach” (voiced by Hugh Laurie and yes, mustachioed).

The day before we had seen one of the worst family films for adults to sit through, Alvin and the Chipmunks. Yet, that sad excuse for family entertainment illicited just as many belly laughs from Pablo as the superior M v. A. There’s something undeniably funny about a fart joke. And maybe funnier when Mama remarks that there wasn’t even one good one in Monsters. Have I told I have never audibly farted in front of my wife or any other woman in public? It’s true, but we’ll save that for a future post. So you know, you have that to look forward to, dear reader. 

3-D might be enough to get me back in the theater and not just waiting for DVD. It’s pretty cool when done well. Have you seen one lately? 

Boys in Blue make this look good

Boys in Blue make this look good


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