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“But Dad, Target says so…”

Cutting edge health info?



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Things I put in my mouth at the State Fair for $100

Things I ate/drank:

Bacon on a stick
Honestly, the best piece of bacon ever.

Deep fried Snickers bar on a stick
It was good, but molten hot. Mama said she would rather just eat a regular Snickers.

Chocolate covered bacon (in a cup)
Very good, sweet and salty combo. Kids liked it a lot, too.

Best Darn Turkey Sandwich – it really is. Swear.
Mini Donuts – so hot little balls of fire, delicious.
Chocolate milk (all you can drink for $1 served by local farmers and Amy Klobuchar)
– brown trumped white. The chocolate was great.
German root beer – had more bite than Barq’s. Very flavorful.

Other things of note:
The Lego Experience – all the models have wild haircuts. Look at the Lego Mullet.

The Giant Slide – Pablo took a spill off his sack going by himself and ended up on his stomach sliding down backwards. We did it again – this time together. Best $2 ride.

The Mighty Midway carnies were as unreassuring as ever when placing our kids in their hands on dubiously “safe” rides. One man offered to catch Doodles if he fell out of a swinging pirate ship. That was after he said Pablo could hold him tight. Thanks.

We touched a piglet that was literally born yesterday. Minnesota State Fair –
Adorable, mandatory hand washing fun.

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Liberty Frozen Custard

Beat the heat and step back in time with me, won’t you. Check out Liberty Frozen Custard across from a firestation (!) at 5401 Nicollet Ave, just north of Diamond Lake Rd. Kids run amok with cap guns and coins aplenty for old timey arcade fun. There’s even a fireplace with pulp novels and retro couches for the non summer day. Tons of fun. We’re currently enjoying pints of caramel, cookie dough and black raspberry chocolate swirl. Jealous? Get some.



It’s the kind of place you tell your Dad about on Father’s Day.
Speaking of, ours was fantastic, thanks for asking.
Uptown Market, Singin’ in the Rain at the Ordway (featuring actual dripping from the ceiling water dancing), dinner at Dad and Mom’s in Prior Lake. Good times.

Summer. We hardly knew ye and already the days are getting shorter? What the huh?
Tomorrow, Phoenix. Wed a screening of the new Woody Allen/Larry David. This weekend an old school BBQ with college friends. Life, it’s bigger.

What about you and yours? Do tell.


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Who needs a dog when you have a Dad?

Before scraping, rinsing and placing in the dishwasher, I eat what is leftover on my kids’ plates. Sometimes I have syrupy waffle nuggets, the last finger of banana in a peel or the crusty ass-ends of sandwiches. These are my meals some days. I’ve had peanut butter and honey for lunch and fishstick nubs for dinner.
I eat standing up over the sink or garbage. We always strive for the sit-down family dinner when Mama comes home. But between 8am-6pm, we’re not winning any rave reviews from Dara Moskovitz.

Along with this new diet, I’m resembling a homeless man. I shave only about two or threes times a week, not a big deal with my hair colour, but there are some days I don’t shower. If I know I don’t have to see anyone socially and will just be soiling myself at the park later, why bother? I have little-to-no paid income these days. And most females stay away from me at the parks. There must be something wrong with the guy out in the daytime sun and not wearing a suit downtown. Say what you will, it’s a dirty job, this homebound dad biz, but somebody’s gotta do it.

I also wrote this entry standing up, whilst taking a break from playing Bad Pizza with the family. I resemble an old movie producer boss of mine standing at his laptop with a headset phone. The only thing I’m not doing like him is throwing dead batteries at the kids like he did at his assistants. That and not making any million dollar movie deals.

I’m younger than he was. I have time.

The Hollywood Jefe

The Hollywood Jefe

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Chef Dinner

Mama bid on a special event for a charity at work. She won us an in-home chef dinner donated by Executive Chef George from McCormick & Schmick’s.

Last night Chef George arrived and was greeted at the door by Doodles.

Doodles: “You have a mustache!”

Chef George: “Yes, I’ve had it since I was 15. I knew it was a bad sign that I was probably not going to grow much more if I had a full mustache already.”

Doodles: “You’re a mustache chef!”

(Sometimes the blog writes itself. I just have to report the dialogue.)

George had trained under Emeril Lagasse in New Orleans. He created a seafood odyssey at our home last night for us and two other couples. We had scallops with curry, macadamia nut encrusted halibut, salmon with brie and spaetzel and 5 bottles of wine. It was fantastic. He even brought the plates so we had few dishes to wash.

If you get a chance to have a mustache chef come to your house, go for it.


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