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Pablo is done being grounded. He/we went two weeks with no TV/youtube/Wii. It was an interesting experiment which went better the longer it lasted.

But, believe it or not, this guy is grounded from TV/youtube for a week now. He threw a fit and refused to go to Sunday School.

We can’t win. We’re like the Vikings.

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Who’s Punished?

If you ground your child from TV, aren’t you also punishing yourself? When you take away the classic American babysitter which allows a 30 minute break for you to get something done, who is really going to suffer? We’ll see. Apparently we decided Pablo must go two weeks with no TV. This is going to be an experiment as much for me as him. I admit we probably use it as a crutch too much. When Pablo was born we were pretty strict about the no TV until we loosened it up to 20-30 minutes of Baby Einstein type stuff a day by the time he was 18 months, maybe a but earlier. Now, with Pablo 5 1/2 and Doodles almost 4, we’re probably so far on the opposite end, watching crap like G.I. Joe cartoons from the 80s.

In our defense, we’ve been stuck inside the house with sub-zero temps and wind chills for a couple weeks with no school.

Stay tuned to find out what happens with NO TV for 2 WEEKS.


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