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Uptown Kickball: Let them eat cake

Uptown Kickball – Game 1 – May 27, 2009

A cloudy 50 degrees set the tone for a fun, but offensively subdued opener with over 20 people playing and at least 5 more jeering us from the peanut gallery.

Team names were Cake Eaters vs. Birthday Suits. (In honor of Captains Jim and Laura’s birthdays. Laura’s from Edina, but no one else admitted to that if they were.)

Birthday Suits won 3-1 after an extended 9 innings. Everyone was well-stretched, but the 10 players in the field rule, including a catcher, should help improve scoring next time.

Jefe tried to slide under Morgan at 3rd base and was later reminded by Mama that he shouldn’t hurt himself trying so hard. He took what was deemed to be an intended slide by his teammates, Cake Eaters, or a fall trying to dodge the ball by the opposing team. (It was a slide, really, I’m fine, just dusty.)

The Jackal’s new shoes proved sadly in need of practice without Jess there to cheer him on to victory.

Jim Schloemer (Co-President/Overly Competitive Jackass)* proclaimed
“Game MVP: Laura Hovi – because she pitched 8 straight no-run innings, and also it’s her f’in birthday!”

Cedric, the 11-year-old neighbor groupie, nicknamed newbie Erin “Old School” and Sarah B. “New School” and wanted to play doctor with both of them after getting past “Old Man” MacGillis. We welcome all three, new to Uptown Kickball this season. Another new recruit, Peter “Don’t call it a comeback, been on the list for years” was stellar in his first showing. Also Erin shared a story with a fake happy ending and her fear of balls. And don’t expect Sarah to play, but she’s happy to cheer.

We forgot to take the group photo, but now have two video cameras shooting with Jefe adding to Stensby’s stellar production values. The team went to Country Bar for karaoke after lingering in the cool park and discussing the last party mishaps.

We’re just warming up for what promises to be a really fun season. I’m going to need a better camera.

*self-described on Uptown Kickball’s Facebook page

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