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Sheltered Sons

Pablo, Doodles and I had a gym playdate with Lotaleesparkman and her children. Lotalee has a nose ring. Much mayhem ensued, including, but not limited to, Lifetime Fitness paging me to return to the child center.

After we said goodbye and were driving away in our car,

Doodles: Dad, what is the thing in the mom’s nose?

Jefe: Oh, you mean her nose ring?

Doodles: Yeah, she has one like Bebop! (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Thanks for the playdate and all apologies. He means it as a compliment.

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Albino Squirrel

albino squirrel

Meet the most forward squirrel I’ve encountered. It was eating out of a friend’s bag on a table at the park. It didn’t shoo away like a normal squirrel either. It’s evil albino eyes scared me and I used to be mocked as a pseudo-albino.

paper knights

Even on a 60 degree, sunny, spring-like day in autumn, at a park, I’m forced to entertain with my scratchy doodles. PlayMobil knights came to the playdate, but not enough of them. I placated the other children by drawing paper knights to play along with their friends. It worked, nay, it was requested more than the real toys. Funny what you can get away. The pen is mightier than the sword.

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