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Dad’s Night

Doodles and I have Dad’s Night tonight, a pre-school tradition we have loved. One of the best things about it and Mom’s Night has been the artwork produced by the boys about us. The kids draw the picture and tell a story or answer questions which the teachers write down. Here’s Doodles’ latest about me:

This really nails my slovenly Winter slide as seen through my child’s eyes. At least it was Wii Fit with all those chips I guess I ate. It’s always funny to see what details they remember and discuss. You can’t hide anything. I am not saying this is totally accurate, but if perception is reality and my youngest perceives me this way…

Tonight I will get a fake shave with real cream, too. Perhaps I’ll have more on Dad’s Night after the event. I’ll bring the Flip.

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Doodles’ First Day of Nursery School (Pre-K)

so fired up
This pretty much sums it up better than I could. He was so excited, the first one there, running around the halls. Just loved it. Also, probably the tallest boy in his class. (yeah)

No N1H1 here. So much sanitizing and hand washing.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, especially at Lutheran Nursery School.

There’s a section of the day where parents can observe the children’s outdoor play. My first time watching Doodles, he bolted from the door, grabbed a toy lawnmower and brought it up the playground equipment set. Probably to ride it down the slide. Two teachers converged, cornering him and taking it away. All this happened before I could shoot the video. But we parents had a good laugh at his valiant effort. In this photo you can see the lawnmower in the background but Doodles is in yellow/white in the middle.

After the first week of school he was so tired he ended up just napping on my office floor accidentally. I didn’t even know he was asleep at first.


So I had some free time and decorated his school bag for him:
by Jefe

When he woke up, I asked, but he said, “No mustache.”

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