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n (ight) at the museum guy who talks funny

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Funny Dichotomy

Does he know comedy or not? I’ve realized we’ve instilled in our boys the importance of humor. They’re always trying to make us laugh and checking to see if what they do is funny or not. It almost always is, especially when it’s naughty, which makes it hard to suppress a snort. We also try to make them laugh, too. That’s usually pretty easy but if it doesn’t work, we tickle them.

Few sounds are as beautiful as laughter, especially children’s. I don’t want to get too Bill Cosby on you so I’ll admit that Xian described me as a fascinating dichotomy between a sweet loving father and a dirty filthy comedian. I just have to remember my audience and tailor the material. Sometimes I do feel like a Ricky Gervais living a Bill Cosby life. You know, because I’m so black.

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