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Hark, the Herald Choir is Weird

Pablo sings in choir. He has since he was 3. He seems to like it enough. Enough to put up with it for the reward of root beer and pepperoni pizza. Papa John’s pizza is delivered and sold for a 1.50 a slice in the youth lounge/game room at our church.

Pablo: Dad, this pizza is better than what you make at home.

Jefe: Thanks, yeah, it’s pretty good.

Pablo: Yeah, I like it a lot better than our pizza.

Doodles doesn’t do choir. He tried. We so desperately wanted photos of him in the white robe with big red bow. Doodles would go to choir practice and then report back to me:

Doodles: I don’t like choir.

Jefe: Why not, buddy?

Doodles: It’s weird. All they do is sing all the time.

Well, he’s right. What could I say. That what choir is. So we tried to bribe him with the rewards of pizza and root beer in the youth lounge afterwards. The deliciousness was not enough to conquer the weirdness. We gave up fighting/forcing him.

Pablo sang in a Christmas service. I noticed Doodles doing this during the songs:

He was plugging his ears. Is the music that offensive to him? Were the other kids that out of tune? Perhaps there is a greater problem here. He likes a lot of music as you’ve read here. AC/DC, Queen, Raffi, Metric, The Beatles, John Williams. Lately he has been crooning along with Crosby. Not really singing with Bing, but he likes to hear it. What is it about singing or listening to children’s choir?

Another parent and I talked about the drop-out rate for many boys in choir around the Kindergarten age range. He said he thought more than a few of them come back when it’s time to go up to summer camp with the other kids. They want to renew bonds from nursery school. We’ll see.

For now, I think we’ll try indoor soccer, swim lessons and some ice skating and sledding.


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Meet Pablo

Q&A #1

Meet Pablo, almost 5 yrs old, as he answers the tough questions and even sings.
The key is hearing the pronunciation right. Check out “girl”. Because I can’t even attempt to spell it right, I had to record it for you to experience. Guurirl?
(But Doodles uses a simple “whirl”.)
This is also a test of the Apple iSight camera uploaded to youtube.com.

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