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Things I put in my mouth at the State Fair for $100

Things I ate/drank:

Bacon on a stick
Honestly, the best piece of bacon ever.

Deep fried Snickers bar on a stick
It was good, but molten hot. Mama said she would rather just eat a regular Snickers.

Chocolate covered bacon (in a cup)
Very good, sweet and salty combo. Kids liked it a lot, too.

Best Darn Turkey Sandwich – it really is. Swear.
Mini Donuts – so hot little balls of fire, delicious.
Chocolate milk (all you can drink for $1 served by local farmers and Amy Klobuchar)
– brown trumped white. The chocolate was great.
German root beer – had more bite than Barq’s. Very flavorful.

Other things of note:
The Lego Experience – all the models have wild haircuts. Look at the Lego Mullet.

The Giant Slide – Pablo took a spill off his sack going by himself and ended up on his stomach sliding down backwards. We did it again – this time together. Best $2 ride.

The Mighty Midway carnies were as unreassuring as ever when placing our kids in their hands on dubiously “safe” rides. One man offered to catch Doodles if he fell out of a swinging pirate ship. That was after he said Pablo could hold him tight. Thanks.

We touched a piglet that was literally born yesterday. Minnesota State Fair –
Adorable, mandatory hand washing fun.

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An Open Apology to Doodles

I found the camera in the car. I put it there to make sure I would remember it. Of course I forgot it. But it did fall under my seat making it hard to see. Anyway, it’s not who lost what, etc. Right? Let’s stop the blame game and get back to taking shots and uploading. Today we have State Fair, Meet the KDG teacher and MNArtists.org Field Day/Kickball tourney today. Very exciting stuff.

So the adventures are continuing and being documented. Trust me, this thing will pick back up and be regular reading again soon.


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