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After Dick accidently cleaned his rifle in class

he had to flee the scene on his homemade wind vehicle, the BreezeMachine as he affectionately called it. (Sadly he never copyrighted it.)

But Principal Churchill & the Crossing Guard Brigade gave good chase in their Model T. Unfortunately many more souls were lost at the one stop sign in town when their post was abandoned. At what cost this pursuit?

The Brigade found Dick building his own school where he would be
free to bear arms.

Now Pablo enjoys his freedom at Dick’s K-5 Elementary Rifle Range
and Finishing School. He hopes one day his younger brother Doodles will, too.

Yes, these are the other three photos in the series on the kindergarten hall.
Apparently, Heather said there is a true story that gets told on tour. We’ve actually taken the tour twice, but both times had to leave because it was taking too long. We had to get back to work or the sitter. Anyway, if you know it, share it. Otherwise I’ll have to ask Mr. C myself someday.

Can you top it? Anything more curious hanging in your school? Except for the gun and the homemade bomb these are not that weird, I guess.

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Blair Doodles Self Portrait Witch Project

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