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Todd is a funny name. Sorry if it is yours. It’s just kinda funny to me. Always has been. It’s the fake name I give for Pablo when asked by a creepy stranger what his name is. Doodles’ fake name is undetermined, but I think I’ll go Toby, a kid who eats paste. Todd n’ Toby. Terrible names.

But let’s put the fun back in Todd with:

T.O.D.D. – Toy Organization and Distribution Day

Trying to get the boys fired up about the project of sorting, organizing and donating toys we don’t use/need. I am sick of stepping on certain ones. It’s hard to keep up with these little pieces I have been hiding away in the attic or basement. I rotate the toys to keep them fresh and interesting, but the backfire when trying to give away “baby” toys is that then they love them again after not having seen for a month or two.

TODD – would also accept Toy Org Donation Day because
there is nothing better to kids than OPT
– other people’s toys.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. With rainy and 60 degree August weather it seems like the thing to do.

Oops, Toby is eating paste again. Gotta run.



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Stache your toys

Trying to locate the origins of the fetish.


Free Rides!

Free Rides!


Bad lockerbot

Bad lockerbot

Pablo made this and told me it was bad

because it eats magnets (not pictured, inside, trust me).

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