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Why was six afraid of seven?

Uptown Kickball – Game 7 on 7/8/9.

Commish Jimothy said:
Game 07:
Bare Hands (We Don’t Need No Stinking Gloves) – 5
Six Afraid Of Seven – 4

MVP: Jeff Kamin, for numerous stellar plays and his patented team spirit.

— Aw, shucks, Erin said I need to write an acceptance speech.

What a good looking bunch. Reminds of the poster for Animal House.


In which Pablo and Doodles talk about favorite kickballers. MVP Jefe (Doodles’ fave) kicks. Noah lifts him up where he belongs.

In which Stensby kicks and then croons Cyndi Lauper-like. But not before Andy Schmidt (Pablo’s fave) gets hit with a superfluous ball and takes another base. Jake eats a fantastic sandwich. Patty “raps”. And another fun night of Uptown Kickball comes to a close.


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Uptown Kickball: Let them eat cake

Uptown Kickball – Game 1 – May 27, 2009

A cloudy 50 degrees set the tone for a fun, but offensively subdued opener with over 20 people playing and at least 5 more jeering us from the peanut gallery.

Team names were Cake Eaters vs. Birthday Suits. (In honor of Captains Jim and Laura’s birthdays. Laura’s from Edina, but no one else admitted to that if they were.)

Birthday Suits won 3-1 after an extended 9 innings. Everyone was well-stretched, but the 10 players in the field rule, including a catcher, should help improve scoring next time.

Jefe tried to slide under Morgan at 3rd base and was later reminded by Mama that he shouldn’t hurt himself trying so hard. He took what was deemed to be an intended slide by his teammates, Cake Eaters, or a fall trying to dodge the ball by the opposing team. (It was a slide, really, I’m fine, just dusty.)

The Jackal’s new shoes proved sadly in need of practice without Jess there to cheer him on to victory.

Jim Schloemer (Co-President/Overly Competitive Jackass)* proclaimed
“Game MVP: Laura Hovi – because she pitched 8 straight no-run innings, and also it’s her f’in birthday!”

Cedric, the 11-year-old neighbor groupie, nicknamed newbie Erin “Old School” and Sarah B. “New School” and wanted to play doctor with both of them after getting past “Old Man” MacGillis. We welcome all three, new to Uptown Kickball this season. Another new recruit, Peter “Don’t call it a comeback, been on the list for years” was stellar in his first showing. Also Erin shared a story with a fake happy ending and her fear of balls. And don’t expect Sarah to play, but she’s happy to cheer.

We forgot to take the group photo, but now have two video cameras shooting with Jefe adding to Stensby’s stellar production values. The team went to Country Bar for karaoke after lingering in the cool park and discussing the last party mishaps.

We’re just warming up for what promises to be a really fun season. I’m going to need a better camera.

*self-described on Uptown Kickball’s Facebook page

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High Wire Hilarity: The Roast

Books & Bars and Uptown Kickball friends gathered to roast Dan for his 25th birthday. If you were (un)fortunate and ballsy enough to be on the dais, you were a sitting duck, too. Most of the best barbs were unleashed on fellow roasters like Jim, Eli, Patty, Jefe, Keith, Mike, and even our hostess/emcee HB. Because let’s face it, Dan is still one of the nicest guys we know. He wasn’t the easiest target.

Some of Dan’s top rips: born and raised in Edina, the lost semester at ASU, stalking Jess, importing girlfriend HB, Moobs (man boobs), his extreme height, huge ego, hair, tight shirts, mom jeans, excessive hugging, and general douchebaggery. Ok, so there are some rich areas to pinpoint.

We were still running a big risk of offending friends. I was initially hesitant to participate even though I love watching Comedy Central Roasts and old classics with Don Rickles. But you have to embrace what you fear and take a chance. I’m glad I did. HB, our dais, guest of honor, and friends in attendance pulled off a feat of high wire comedic magic. As far as I know, no one has suffered from it, yet. Mama’s jaw hurt from laughing so hard. (and she loved Mike’s comment about her being hot). Everyone I talked to had a blast. We party a lot for any excuse in this group, but this was different. High wire hilarity. In fact there is talk of a Gemini BD group roast. I think we all know what to expect and will handle it even better next time. Such as being prepared in the A/V department and the tone of the event.

Unfortunately, the only video clips I have are the first portions of Eli’s and mine. (Other than the rest of our sets and the first half of Keith’s you’re not missing anything really funny anyway. Oh, Snap! Is the roast still going on?) Did anyone else capture other parts they can share?

I liked Eli’s set the best overall. And it was a revelation because as Keith said, “He hadn’t made me laugh once in the year and a half I’d known him!” Eli knew Dan always dreamed of having an action figure of himself so he had a friend craft a Dan doll that was actually partially made from a douche. Keith’s “Omega Dog” theme was memorable but he ended up roasting himself the most, albeit hilariously. Hopefully he’ll get some dates from it soon. Mike played funny drunken answering machine messages he had saved from Dan’s lost semester at ASU. And the evening was heartfelt, too, with a great quote from Mike about friends being God’s way of making it up to us for our families.

Would you participate in a roast? Have you been roasted? Would you let yourself? Anyone interested in doing more of these with our friends here? I think the next person turning 30 should get roasted. (The people turning 40 are already feeling too sensitive.)

1st half of Eli’s/followed by 1st half of Jefe’s – 8 min TRT.
Not suitable for work or kids.

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When Books & Bars met Uptown Kickball

Last year a small bunch of friends from Books & Bars played kickball through Cities Sports Connection. When the season ended we wanted to keep playing so we joined an open group called Uptown Kickball. It was like mixing peanut butter and chocolate. These two groups of friends became pretty tight quickly over beers, books, balls, and more. Over this past year we’ve become much closer and gelled into a larger single group with many Uptown Kickballers joining Books & Bars.

Uptown Kickball gathers to play on Wednesday nights at Painter Park. Two captains pick teams and we choose related team names. We kick till dark, imbibe a bit, tons of fun. Usually go out afterwards to keep the summer nights alive.

When you get to a certain age you don’t usually make as many new friends as you did when you were in college, single or especially before you had kids. I’ve been fortunate enough through Books & Bars and Uptown Kickball to buck the trend. Every month new people try our book club and almost every week it seems there’re different people playing kickball with us. The thing I miss most about living in Los Angeles was my theater company, Improv Olympic, now known as IO West. (Picky Olympic Committee). I’ve always loved being on a team, part of a group, an ensemble comedy. It wasn’t just about performing comedy, but a friendly social group who supported each other creatively. I miss those people, those friendships, from L.A. Books & Bars and Uptown Kickball have helped fill that void for me. They’re an incredibly dynamic and varied pastiche of artists, musicians, writers, designers, advertisers, handymen, attorneys, architects and more who have coalesced into a cohesive collective. Some of us have started new ventures like Uptown Art Market and Critickle. Some of the women have a crafting night and others have movie or game nights. There’s even Sunday brunch and a few babysitters for Pablo and Doodles, too. And we never forget a birthday.

Last night we gathered for Sarah’s 24.5 birthday (we don’t usually celebrate the half ones, we’re not in a commune) or Sarahpalooza, our first Uptown Kickball scrimmage of the season. Unfortunately my camera got waterlogged (Pablo and Doodles snuck more ice in the cooler.) and didn’t capture the merriment. Next time: videos.

The Cupcakes (as we dubbed ourselves) put the F U in fun, but got a little complacent after a huge early lead. The Thursday scrimmage for Sarahpalooza was a good warm up, but we let some strangers called Blogosphere (not that, but I never caught the real name) in France beat us 18-12. A ball kicked by Stensby at first was so foul it almost hit a house. Come on. Anyway, it’s all about fun, right? (F U France.) At least I got to kick a home run, but of course, my kids weren’t watching. They were bored and went to play at the park.

So, expect to have updates on Uptown Kickball along with Books & Bars. A lot has happened in the last year for all of us. A member died, we’ve had romances begin and end, started grad school, lost and gained jobs, etc. It’s been a long day in the field for us all, as The Beautiful South sang. I’ve had people tell me that this group has changed and even saved their lives. And If you’re lucky enough to be part of us, drop a comment on what it’s meant to you. If you’re interested in meeting more people, stick around and socialize after Books & Bars some second Tuesday.

I’d especially like to thank leaders like Roxie, Jess, Eli, Jennie, Jake, Jim, Abby, Sarah, Christian, Jesse, Patrick, The Hater, Text, Morgan, Emilys F&S, Kate, Carissa, Noah, Beth, Delaney, Carter, Hayley (the MPLS Doyle) Alex, Mike, Megan, Dan and HB for being glue that helps bind. Mostly I have to thank “Mama”, my lovely wife, for allowing this work-at-home dad such enriching social outlets.


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