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Blog Moving Day (became doubling day)

It’s been a good year on WordPress for Mustache Robots but I’m considering a move. And no, it’s actually not an April Fool’s joke. I started on WordPress March 31, 2009. It seems somehow fitting that on March 31st, 2010, I got a very passionate presentation about how I would be better served on Tumblr. One of my readers said, I read your blog but it’s a “pain in the ass” because it’s on WordPress. (At first I suggested she might be a bit lazy. It’s not a lot to type. It can be bookmarked.) But my research has it that Tumblr may be a better blog site fit for me. It’s cleaner, easier to blog and allows a song day upload. Also, it’s much more conducive to attracting readers/followers, retweets, reposts, etc. Apparently, Tumblr is the Facebook of blogging.
So…are you with me?

Mustache Robots
The Further Misadventures of El Jefe & Knights of the Bright Side vs. Mustache Robots.
Featuring A Song A Day…and many more of my passions, movies, TV, books, comics, art, etc.

Guess what? It wouldn’t be the same without you. I may consolidate the two or keep them separate. Maybe this will remain the kid friendly/family blog and I’ll take the pop culture over there. Don’t erase this one yet. I might be back. Thanks again for all the comments and encouragement and I hope you continue with me on our journey to wherever we’re going. Not sure what will happen yet. That’s the fun. Let’s be Tumblrs.
I’ll Tumble 4 Ya.

Are you on Tumblr? If so, let’s connect.
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Knights of the Bright Side by We Became Actors


Indie-pop-rock-new-wavers (and friends), We Became Actors
wrote a rousing fire-up tune about Pablo and Doodles inspired by the Bright Side Knights post. (I’ve also written a children’s story and poem but am waiting to hear if it either is published before posting them here.)

Watch the video. It sounds like the greatest U2 song they never did.

What do you think Jesse is singing? He hasn’t provided me with lyrics yet as they’re probably still being tweaked. But the mood of the song comes across loud and clear. The highest praise I can give were the evident goosebumps on my arms when I saw them perform it. They’ve told me they may even want to include Pablo and Doodles in the video.

When Pablo, Doodles and I listen to music we often air band jam together (especially in the car). Pablo plays lead guitar, so he said he was Christian in this video. I’m on vocals, so I got (had?) to be Jesse. (Don’t let it get to your head, sir.) And Doodles is on drums, always.

We’re extremely flattered. Thanks to Jesse, Christian and Paula (bass) for a song that gave me a chill.

Check out We Became Actors at the Stone Arch Festival on June 21st. Their EP, This is Where We Stand, inspired by INXS, The Cure, U2, Bloc Party, Tegan and Sara, and Metric, will be available this summer. Buy it.

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