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Remember Sagan?

Yeah, we forgot, too. I thought the Webkinz pup would be dead or at least have gnawed off his own paw to survive in his little internet jail cell. Today Pablo remembered we should feed and take care of him. It’s been a while. We tried to feed him a solar belt. He said he would have a hard time with that, but did enjoy the veggie stir-fried rice we also gave. Anyway, he was fine. Happy to see us. He says woof to all the Mustache Robot readers. Doodles wanted to take him hunting. Wasn’t sure how to do that, but we did try to see a cooking competition and beauty pageant in Webkinz Stadium. We also caught a comet with a fishing net which netted us the aforementioned solar belt, whatever that is. I’m not a strong Webkinzer.


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Maybe not…but maybe there’s life on other planets?


Pablo got a Webkinz brown dog for an early birthday present from his aunt in Australia.


You take care of these stuffed animals on-line by feeding, playing and talking with them at the website. It’s a little like a Tamagotchi.

When you sign up for your Webkinz account, the first thing you have to do
is name your pet.

Jefe: “What should we call this cute little brown dog?”

Pablo: “Zekken.”

Jefe: “OK…”

Pablo leans towards the consonant heavy, guttural, almost Germanic sounding
made up words whilst at play. 

Jefe: “Look at him. He’s a cute brown dog. Pet him. What do you think we should
call him?”

Pablo: “Maybe, Cock?”

Jefe:  “Um, maybe not.”

(I don’t know why he said Cock. He probably meant Koch.)

Pablo: “Say.”

Doodles: “Say Nothing.”

Pablo: “Palm Sunday!”

Jefe: “What? Timely, but why?”

Pablo: “Lion Tail…Chicken…”

Doodles: “Fish!”

Jefe: “Hey guys, about not other animal names, let’s look at this dog.

What does he look like to you?”

Pablo: “Sagan!”

Jefe: “Sagan? Where did you get that…I like it, okay, Sagan it is.”

Sagan had sushi for his first meal. 

I also have no idea where Sagan came from but it’s kinda fitting.

There’s a bit of the Cabbage Patch doll to this, too, with the adoption papers you print:



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